About Us

Rolling Oaks Pharmacy is an independently owned and operated

specialty pharmacy located in Southern California. Our practice is

focused on all aspects of the specialty pharmacy market.

The founder of the company and it's team of pharmacists utilize

their 40+ years of combined experience in the specialty pharmacy

arena to provide 'world class' customer service. Our proactive

patient education and timely follow-up can make the difference in

achieving positive therapeutic outcomes. Our goal isn't to be the

biggest but the best provider of specialty pharmacy services.

Rolling Oaks is committed to being there for you through every step

of your treatment plan. Experience the feel of a 'local pharmacy'

available for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Corporate Vision and Mission Statement

Our company vision:

“We strive to enhance the lives of those that we touch.”

Our Mission statement:

To enhance the lives of those we touch by providing innovative tools and approaches to pharmacy and healthcare services.”

Value Proposition

Rolling Oaks Pharmacy embraces three critical components in the organization’s value proposition:

Our Customers: We strive to improve the lives of the customers; we touch on a daily basis through the products and services we provide.

Our Team Members: Our organization looks at all the members of the healthcare delivery team (internal and external) as our partners. Each member is pivotal in providing patient care that impacts the customers we touch.

Innovation/Creativity: Our organization is built on an environment of ‘Business as Unusual.’ We strive for ongoing innovation of our service delivery model. Our goal is to foster innovation to provide high quality patient care at a lower per unit cost.

Our values best integrate with our customers, other healthcare providers, payers and manufacturers through our ability to support new and innovative approaches to patient care that facilitate a paradigm shift in the delivery model.

Our organization is a start-up organization that is not tied to the ‘brick and mortar’ of yesterday but positioned to adapt to the ever changing healthcare market.

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