Our pharmacists partner with you and your physician to develop a individualized treatment plan. Our emphasis is onappropriatetreatment(s) that are effective and result in positive outcomes. The following are some of the services that we provide that go beyond your traditional retail pharmacy:

  • Medication Delivery:If in the local area, medications & supplies can be picked up at our distribution center or sent via over-night delivery to your home, workplace or your healthcare provider.
  • Education & Information:We feel the better you understand your condition, the better you can manage it. We provide detailed information on your illness, pharmaceutical treatments, side-effect management, and overall care. Our goal is ensure compliance (taking medication appropriately) and adherence (receiving the medication(s) for the required duration) of your treatment plan through education.
  • Benefits Coordination:Our benefits coordinators are here to help you navigate through the paperwork by coordinating insurance benefits and helping to resolve billing issues with nearly any insurance carrier or government program.
  • Financial Assistance:We are here to provide you assistance to work with Medicare, Medicaid, or other financial-assistance organizations and can provide referrals for pharmaceutical manufacturer sponsored medication assistance programs.
  • Extensive Inventory of Medications:We carry or have rapid access to a full range of specialty medications to treat chronic disorders or conditions that most pharmacies don't carry. We encourage our patients to take advantage of receiving all their prescription medications (not just the specialty medications) from Rolling Oaks Pharmacy. This added convenience also allows our pharmacists to take a more active role in all of your treatment plans by monitoring drug interactions, duplicate therapies and side-effects.
  • 24/7 customer service:Our on-call pharmacists are available to take orders and answer questions anytime.
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